ASR1100 Mechanical-Bearing Direct-Drive Rotary Stage


Design Features

  • Integral pneumatic collet chuck
  • ER16 collet accepts 0.5 mm to 10 mm O.D. tubing
  • Clear aperture for product feed-through
  • Threaded collet retainer enables rapid tooling changeover
  • Normally-closed collet configuration
  • Low-inertia shaft for maximum acceleration
  • Direct-drive brushless motor and encoder
  • Maintenance-free, frictionless rotary union
  • High-speed (2000 rpm) and standard-speed (800 rpm) options

Aerotech's ASR1100 series is an extension of the ASR1000 direct-drive rotary stage. The ASR1100 adds an integral pneumatically-operated collet chuck providing "out-of-the-box" material handling capability.

Integral Collet Design

The collet chuck on the ASR1100 accepts ER16 series collets. These collets are readily available in multiple sizes supporting tube diameters from 0.5 mm to 10 mm. The collet is retained with a threaded retaining cap that enables quick changeover to different tube diameters. The collet chuck is configured in a "fail-safe" mode where full clamping force is applied when no air pressure is present. Applying air pressure up to 100 psi adjusts the collet from fully closed to fully open. Air is delivered to the rotating collet assembly through a custom-designed frictionless, seal-less, rotary union. This 100% noncontact rotary union design ensures a lifetime of maintenance-free operation. The combination collet chuck and rotary union also has significantly less friction and inertia than external assemblies created from discrete parts. This reduced inertia improves system performance by allowing higher peak acceleration and reducing position error during laser machining operations.

Brushless Direct-Drive

The ASR1100 series utilizes direct-drive brushless motor technology to maximize positioning performance. Direct-drive technology is optimized for 24/7 production environments because there are no brushes to replace and no gear trains or belts to maintain. Direct drive also provides quicker acceleration and higher top speeds than gear- or belt-driven mechanisms, yielding higher total overall throughput. This makes the ASR1100 an excellent choice for processing small-diameter tubular materials.

The low maintenance and high throughput characteristics of the ASR1100 provide a stage that yields the lowest total cost of ownership.

Compact Packaging

The design of the ASR1100 series direct-drive rotary stage was optimized to minimize stage weight and rotating inertia. The resulting product, with a net overall weight under 5 kg, is significantly lighter than competitive product offerings. When used in a multi-axis system the lower weight results in an increase in performance for all positioning stages carrying the rotary stage.


Mechanical Specifications

Travel ±360 deg. Continuous
Accuracy ±73 µrad (±15 arc sec)
Bidirectional Repeatability ±15 µrad (±3 arc sec)
Maximum Speed(1) 2000 rpm (-HS)
800 rpm (-SS)
Tube Capacity 14 mm (shaft aperture) with max. 10 mm Collet ID
Maximum Torque (Continuous) 2.3 N·m
Load Capacity(2) Axial 3.0 kg
Radial 2.0 kg
Moment 3 N·m
Rotor Inertia (Unloaded) 0.0006 kg·m2
Stage Mass 4.9 kg
Collet Type(3) ER16
Collet Runout(4) <25 µm
Minimum System Air Pressure(5) 100 psig
Material Electroless Nickel Aluminum; Stainless Steel Collet Chuck
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) 10,000 Hours
  1. Maximum speed based on stage capability. Requires selection of appropriate amplifier with sufficient voltage and current.
  2. Maximum loads are mutually exclusive. Loading limits are due to the collet chuck mechanism. Contact Aerotech if part load requirements exceed specifications.
  3. Collect chuck accepts Rego-fix ER collets manufactured to DIN6499 specifications only.
  4. Measured TIR of precision gage pin chucked with an ultra-precision ER collet (DIN6499) 10 mm away from collet face.
  5. Collet chuck mechanism is normally-closed. Collet mechanism required air to open collet chuck. Air supply much be dry and oil-less OR 99.99% pure nitrogen. Air or nitrogen must be filtered to 1 microns particle size or better.

Electrical Specifications

Drive System Brushless Direct-Drive Servomotor
Feedback System 1 Vpp, Incremental Non-Contact Optical Encoder, 8192 lines/rev
Maximum Bus Voltage 320 VDC

Recommended Controller

A3200 Npaq, Ndrive HLe, Ndrive HPe, Ndrive CP


  • ASR1100

Ordering Information

Ordering Example

ASR1100 -SS -HPD -RE8192AS -NC -NS -MP

Ordering Options

Series Speed OptionConnectorFeedbackCollet ChuckRear SealOptions
ASR1100 -SS
-RE8192AS -NC -S

ASR1100 Series Direct-Drive Rotary Stage

Option Description
ASR1100 Direct-drive rotary stage with integral pneumatic ER16 collet chuck and frictionless rotary union

Speed Option

Option Description
-SS Standard speed option
-HS High-speed option


Option Description
-HPD High power D connector for motor power and 25-pin D for feedback
-25D Dual 25-pin D connectors with bridged pins for motor power


Option Description
-RE8192AS Incremental encoder with 8192 cycles per rev sinusoidal output signal

Collet Chuck

Option Description
-NC Normally closed collet chuck

Rear Seal

Option Description
-S Rear-shaft seal
-NS No shaft seal


Option Description
-MP Mounting plate with square bolt-hole pattern
-WRENCH Spanner wrenches for changing collets


Option Description
-ER16-1AA ER16 collet, 0.5-1mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-1-5AA ER16 collet, 1-1.5mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-2AA ER16 collet, 1-2mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-2-5AA ER16 collet, 1.5-2.5mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-3AA ER16 collet, 2-3mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-3-5AA ER16 collet, 2.5-3.5mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-4AA ER16 collet, 3-4mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-4-5AA ER16 collet, 3.5-4.5mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-5AA ER16 collet, 4-5mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-5-5AA ER16 collet, 4.5-5.5mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-6AA ER16 collet, 5-6mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-6-5AA ER16 collet, 5.5-6.5mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-7AA ER16 collet, 6-7mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-7-5AA ER16 collet, 6.5-7.5mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-8AA ER16 collet, 7-8mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-8-5AA ER16 collet, 7.5-8.5mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-9AA ER16 collet, 8-9mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-9-5AA ER16 collet, 8.5-9.5mm I.D. DIN6499 AA
-ER16-10AA ER16 collet, 9-10mm I.D. DIN6499 AA