ATT185 Tilt Table


Design Features

  • Sub-arc-second resolution
  • Decoupled, orthogonal tilting movement
  • High thermal stability

The ATT185 series precision tilt (pitch-roll) tables provide a means for leveling instruments or tilting components over a ±10° range. Aerotech’s patented* sub-arc second resolution drive allows the user to cover the total angular range quickly while maintaining a resolution of 0.2 arc second for the ATT185-3, and 0.1 arc second for the ATT185-5. With this unique drive, the tables exhibit virtually no creep or backlash and have excellent repeatability. These tables have a gimbal support with decoupled and orthogonal axial motion.

Both tilt table bases have clearance holes for M6 screws on 25 mm centers and are adaptable to Aerotech linear or rotary translation stages. The tables are constructed of aluminum with a black anodize finish.


Mechanical Specifications

Range ±10°
Thimble Graduation 5.0 arc second 2.5 arc second
Resolution(1) 0.2 arc second 0.1 arc second
Max Load (Horizontal)(2) 4.54 kg
Material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodize
Weight 0.5 kg 1.41 kg
  1. Per 0.5° movement of the fine adjustment.
  2. Load should be centered or counterbalanced to provide accurate tilt.


Ordering Information

ATT185 Manual Gimbal Tilt Table

Option Description
ATT185-3 3 in x 3 in mounting surface
ATT185-5 5 in x 5 in mounting surface
ATT185-TT1 Tabletop with metric dimension mounting
ATT185-TT2 Tabletop with English dimension mounting