ATS25 Linear Stage


Design Features

  • Micrometer or patented* sub-micron-resolution drive
  • 12 mm and 25 mm travel
  • Crossed-roller bearings for superior positioning performance
  • Low profile

Aerotech’s low profile ATS25 series stages provide smooth and precision linear translation. The ATS25 series stages come with Aerotech’s patented* sub-micron-resolution drive. This drive has both a coarse and fine adjustment. The coarse knob allows rapid translation, while the fine adjustment provides 25 nm resolution.

Preloaded crossed-roller bearings provide better geometrical accuracies and larger load carrying capability than linear ball-bearing systems. These stages can be easily mounted in XY and XYZ applications. An optional mounting bracket is available for applications that require a vertical mounting orientation.


Mechanical Specifications

Range 12.5 mm 25 mm
Thimble Graduation Micrometer Spindle 1 micron
Sub-Micron Drive 0.1 micron
Resolution(1) 25 nm
Max Load Horizontal 22.7 kg
Vertical 9.09 kg
Straightness and Flatness of Travel 0.5 micron
Repeatability (Unidirectional) 1 µm (20 nm)
Material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodize
Weight 0.45 kg 0.9 kg
  1. Per 0.5° movement of the fine adjustment


Ordering Information

ATS25 Manual Linear Stage

Option Description
ATS25-12 12.5 mm travel stage
ATS25-25 25 mm travel stage