ARS301 Rotary Stage


Design Features

  • 360 degree rotation
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Patented sub-arc-second resolution drive

The ARS301 stage is a precise rotary positioner featuring Aerotech’s patented sub-arc second resolution drive mechanism. By depressing the release plunger, the rotary ring of the ARS301 can be quickly positioned to the approximate desired angle. It can then be fine-tuned with either the coarse or fine adjustment knob over a range of 10 degrees or 30 minutes, respectively. The fine thimble has a 32-division reference scale for convenience in positioning.

An engraved dial with a six-minute vernier is standard on all tabletops. Due to the absence of any gearing in the ARS301’s drive mechanism, the stage is backlash free.

The ARS301 has a 68 mm clear aperture. If a solid mounting surface is required, the ARS301TT is available. The ARS301TT has a grid of M6 mounting holes on 25 mm centers. The ARS301 is made of aluminum with a black anodize finish and weighs 1.36 kg.


Mechanical Specifications

Thimble Graduation 2.54 arc second
Max Load Horizontal 11.36 kg
Vertical 6.82 kg
360° Dial and 6 Minute Vernier Standard
Clear Aperture 68.07 mm
Stage Mass 1 kg


  • ARS301

Ordering Information

ARS Series Manual Rotary Stage

Option Description
ARS301 Rotary positioning table with Aerotech patented differential screw drive and 68 mm clear aperture
ARS301TTM Tabletop for ARS301 with metric hole pattern
ARS301TT Tabletop for ARS301 with English hole pattern