MPS50SL Mechanical-Bearing Ball-Screw Linear Stage


Design Features

  • Compact 50 mm width with travel to 50 mm
  • Precision ground ball-screw or lead-screw drive
  • DC servo or stepper motor
  • Crossed-roller bearings
  • High resolution (0.1 µm), repeatability (±0.75 µm), and accuracy (±1.5 µm)
  • High vacuum capable
  • Compact multi-axis configurations

The MPS50SL is a compact, high-performance linear positioning stage that is perfect for the confines of the laboratory while providing the high reliability required in a production environment. It is the ideal choice for measurement, testing, accurate alignment and component assembly in space-constrained applications.

High Accuracy

The precision ground ball-screw or lead screw provides exceptional accuracy, repeatability and ultra-fine positioning resolution capability to 0.1 micron. The DC servomotor is equipped with a rotary encoder. The crossed-roller linear bearings provide smooth travel and excellent payload characteristics.

Optional Vacuum Preparation

The MPS50SL is available with optional vacuum preparation to 10-6 Torr. It is the perfect compact stage choice for today's demanding vacuum applications in markets such as semiconductor manufacturing and inspection, optics fabrication and military/aerospace.

Highly Configurable

An optional breadboard mounting plate provides direct mounting to both English and metric breadboards. Any of the models can be mounted in an XY configuration and, with the right-angle L-bracket, in XYZ configurations. It can also be directly mounted to the larger MPS75SL stage.

The MPS50SL is a member of the MPS (Miniature Positioning Stage) family of linear, rotary, goniometer and vertical lift and Z stages. Two or more stages can easily be mounted together in numerous combinations using standardized mounting patterns and adapter plates.


Mechanical Specifications

Travel 25 mm 50 mm
Accuracy 1.0 mm/rev Ball Screw Standard ±3.0 µm ±4.0 µm
HALAR(1) ±1.5 µm ±1.5 µm
0.5 mm/rev Lead Screw Standard ±4.0 µm ±6.0 µm
HALAR(1) ±2.0 µm ±2.5 µm
Resolution 1.0 mm/rev Ball Screw 0.1 µm 0.1 µm
0.5 mm/rev Lead Screw 0.1 µm 0.1 µm
Repeatability (Bidirectional)(1) 1.0 mm/rev Ball Screw ±0.75 µm ±0.75 µm
0.5 mm/rev Lead Screw ±1.0 µm ±1.0 µm
Straightness ±2.0 µm ±3.0 µm
Flatness ±2.0 µm ±3.0 µm
Maximum Speed 1.0 mm/rev Ball Screw DC Motor 5 mm/s 5 mm/s
SM Motor 1 mm/s 1 mm/s
0.5 mm/rev Lead Screw DC Motor 2.5 mm/s 2.5 mm/s
SM Motor 0.5 mm/s 0.5 mm/s
Load Capacity(2) Horizontal 5 kg 5 kg
Side 5 kg 5 kg
Vertical 2.5 kg 2.5 kg
Stage Mass 0.85 kg 0.9 kg
Material Anodized Aluminum Body
  1. With Aerotech controllers.
  2. Payload specifications are single-axis system.
  3. Excessive duty cycle may impact stage accuracy.
  4. Specifications are for single-axis systems measured 25 mm above the tabletop.

Electrical Specifications

ModelDC Motor (Standard and VAC)SM Motor (Standard and VAC)
Drive System DC Brush Servomotor with 14:1 Gearbox 24 VDC Bipolar Stepper Motor with 43:1 Gearbox
Feedback 512 lines/rev Rotary Encoder N/A
Electronic Resolution 1.0 mm/rev Ball Screw 0.0348 µm 0.0484 µm @ 480 steps/rev Motor Resolution
0.5 mm/rev Lead Screw 0.0174 µm 0.0242 µm @ 480 steps/rev Motor Resolution
Maximum Bus Voltage 48 VDC 48 VDC*
Limit Switches 5 V, Normally Closed 5 V, Normally Closed
    *With Aerotech control system.

Recommended Controller

ModelDC Motor and SM Motor
Multi-Axis A3200 Npaq/Npaq MR/Ndrive MP
Ensemble Ensemble LAB/Epaq/Epaq MR/Ensemble MP
Single Axis Soloist Soloist MP
  • MPS50SL Load Curves


  • MPS50SL
  • MPS50SL Mounting Plates
  • MPS50SL Mounting Bracket

Ordering Information

MPS50SL Series Drive-Screw Stage

Option Description
-025 25 mm travel stage with drive screw and limits
-050 50 mm travel stage with drive screw and limits

Stage Construction

Option Description
-VAC Vacuum preparation of the stage and motor to 10-6 torr


Option Description
-TTM Metric pattern/thread tabletop

Drive Screw

Option Description
-B1MM 1 mm/rev precision-ground ball screw
-L0.5MM 0.5 mm/rev ground lead screw


Option Description
-DC DC servomotor with 3 meter integral cable
-SM Stepping motor with 3 meter integral cable


Option Description
-5V-NC 5 V normally-closed limits


Option Description
-MP Breadboard mounting plate


Option Description
-PLOTS Accuracy and repeatability plots
-NO PLOTS No performance plots

Accessories (to be ordered as separate line item)

Option Description
HALAR High-accuracy system linear error correction for accuracy and repeatability
HDZ-MPS50SL Right-angle L-bracket
HDZ-MPS50SL-VAC VAC6 prepared right angle L-bracket
ALIGNMENT-NPA Non-precision XY assembly
ALIGNMENT-NPAZ Non-precision YZ assembly
ALIGNMENT-PA10 XY assembly; 10 arc sec orthogonal
ALIGNMENT-PA10Z XZ or YZ assembly; 10 arc sec orthogonal
ALIGNMENT-PA5 XY assembly; 5 arc sec orthogonal
ALIGNMENT-PA5Z XZ or YZ assembly; 5 arc sec orthogonal