VTS300 Mechanical-Bearing Lead-Screw Z-Axis Stage


Design Features

  • Extreme load carrying capability, up to 450 kg, in a compact package
  • Small stage footprint
  • High resolution to 0.064 µm
  • Lead screw does not back-drive, allowing "set and forget" operation and excellent in-position stability
  • Vacuum compatible

Aerotech’s VTS300 accurately positions loads up to 450 kg and the small volume allows the positioning of high loads in space-constricted applications. Typical applications range from step and settle placement to large force generation. Multiple units can be combined for lift and tip/tilt motion.

Outstanding Design and Construction Features

The VTS300 series stages incorporate the highest quality components to provide superior positioning performance over a long lifetime. The base and table are fabricated from high hardness, high stiffness special alloy aluminum.

Pre-loaded angular contact ball-bearings support the 0.1 inch/rev precision lead-screw. The table moves on linear motion guide bearings providing excellent payload capability and long-life, even with heavy offset loads. The linear bearings also provide outstanding accuracy as well as exceptional flatness and straightness specifications over the length of travel.

Angular contact ball-bearings transmit shear forces and support excellent translation characteristics even with heavy loads. The anodized tabletop has a steel insert to support a tooling ball upon which the load would rest, providing a point lift for tip/tilt configurations.

The VTS300 series stages are available with matched stepping or brushless servomotors. The motor drives a high capacity 90° gearbox.

Options Include Vacuum Preparation for 10-6 torr

A number of options increase the flexibility of the VTS300 series stages for a wide range of applications. Vacuum preparation for operation in vacuum chambers to 10-6 torr is available. The stage also has movable limit switches so that customers can adjust the travel range.


Mechanical Specifications

Travel 50 mm 100 mm 150 mm 200 mm
Drive System Precision Lead
Resolution 0.1 in/rev Lead 0.064 µm @ 4000 steps/rev motor resolution
Maximum Travel Speed 0.1 in/rev Lead 5 mm/s
Maximum Load Vertical 225 kg with NEMA 23 motor; 450 kg with NEMA 34 motor
Side 90 kg
Accuracy ±25 µm ±50 µm ±75 µm ±100 µm
Bidirectional Repeatability ±10 µm
Straightness and Flatness(1) Differential HALSF ±10 µm/25 mm
Standard ±20 µm/25 mm
Pitch and Yaw(1) ±10 arc sec ±20 arc sec ±30 arc sec ±40 arc sec
Nominal Stage Weight Less Motor 20 kg 30 kg 36 kg 42 kg
With Motor 22 kg 32 kg 38 kg 44 kg
Material Stage and Table Aluminum
Finish Stage and Table Black Anodize
  1. Straightness, flatness, pitch and yaw performance is load dependent. Values listed are for the no-load case.

Electrical Specifications

Drive System Brushless Rotary Servomotor
Feedback Rotary Encoder on Motor
Maximum Bus Voltage Up to 320 VDC
Limit Switches 5 V, Normally Closed

Recommended Controller

Multi-Axis A3200 Ndrive MP/Ndrive CP/Ndrive HLe/Npaq MXR
Ensemble Ensemble MP/Ensemble CP/Ensemble HLe/Epaq
Single Axis Soloist Soloist MP/Soloist CP/Soloist HLe
  • VTS300 Kinematic Mount
  • VTS300 with Ball Joint Foot


  • VTS300

Ordering Information

Ordering Example

VTS300 -050 - -TTM -01S -NC -BM23 -1 -

Ordering Options

Series Travel (mm) Stage Construction OptionsTabletopDrive ScrewLimitsMotorMotor OrientationOptions
VTS300 -050
-01S -NC

VTS300 Vertical Translation Stage

Option Description
VTS300-050 50 mm travel stage with ground lead screw and limits
VTS300-100 100 mm travel stage with ground lead screw and limits
VTS300-150 150 mm travel stage with ground lead screw and limits
VTS300-200 200 mm travel stage with ground lead screw and limits

Stage Construction Options

Option Description
/VAC3 Vacuum preparation of stage to 10-3 torr
/VAC6 Vacuum preparation of stage to 10-6 torr
/STEEL All steel construction


Option Description
-TTM Metric pattern tabletop
-TTMK Kinematic mount bracket tabletop

Drive Screw

Option Description
-01S 0.1 inch per rev drive screw lead


Option Description
-NC Normally-closed end of travel limit switches (standard)
-NO Normally-open end of travel limit switches


Option Description
-BM23 Brushless NEMA 23 servomotor with connectors and 1000-line encoder; requires cable (BM130-MS-E1000H/)
-BM34 Brushless NEMA 34 servomotor with connectors and 1000-line encoder; requires cable (BM250-MS-E1000H/)
-SM Stepping motor with connector and home marker pulse (one per rev); requires cable (101SMB2-HM)
-NM No motor or encoder

Motor Orientation

Option Description
-1 Right-hand direction
-2 Left-hand direction
-3 Rear direction; motor points to rear of the tabletop


Option Description
-BRK23 24 VDC spring-set motor brake option for NEMA 23 motor
-BRK34 24 VDC spring-set motor brake option for NEMA 34 motor
-GRBXXX XXX:1 gearbox ratio where XXX is specified as 010, 025, 050, 100