ANT130-5-V Single-Axis Lift Direct-Drive Nanopositioning Stage


Design Features

  • Nanometer performance with 5 mm vertical travel
  • High resolution (2 nm), repeatability (100 nm) and accuracy (200 nm)
  • In-position stability of <2 nm
  • Anti-creep crossed-roller bearings
  • High dynamic performance


Aerotech's ANT series stages are the world's first nanometer-level positioning systems with multi-millimeter travel. The ANT130-V and ANT130-V-PLUS are linear-motor-driven wedge-style vertical lift stages. The stages are designed to be seamlessly integrated with other stages in the ANT130 family for superior multi-axis performance and are offered in two accuracy grades.

Noncontact Direct-Drive Design

All of the original ANT series’ direct-drive advantages have been preserved in the ANT130-V family. Only noncontact direct-drive technology offers the robust, accurate and high-speed positioning necessary for mass production of precision devices. ANT130-V stages utilise advanced direct-drive technology pioneered by Aerotech to achieve the highest level of positioning performance. This direct-drive technology is high-performance, non-cogging, noncontact, high-speed, high-resolution and high-accuracy. This unique drive and bearing combination, packaged in an extremely small-profile and footprint, offers tangible advantages in many applications such as high-precision positioning, disk-drive fabrication, fibre alignment, optical delay element actuation, sensor testing and scanning processes that demand smooth and precise motion.

Flexible System Design

The ANT130-V family has universal mounting and tabletop patterns that allow for easy system integration. Two, three or more axes can be combined easily for flexible system designs and multi-axis configurations.

System Characteristics

Outstanding accuracy, position repeatability and in-position stability require high system resolution. The ANT130-V stage’s industry-leading 2 nm minimum incremental step size provides this high level of performance. Excellent in-position stability is assisted by high-quality, anti-creep, crossed-roller bearings. The stage offers virtually maintenance-free operation over the life of the product. Aerotech’s direct-drive technology has no hysteresis or backlash, enabling accurate and repeatable nanometer-scale motion.


Mechanical Specifications

Travel 5 mm
Accuracy(1) ±2 µm ±200 nm
Resolution 2 nm
Bidirectional Repeatability(1) ±150 nm ±100 nm
Unidirectional Repeatability ±75 nm
Straightness(2) ±1.0 µm
Pitch(1) 20 arc sec
Roll 10 arc sec
Yaw(1) 10 arc sec
Maximum Speed 75 mm/s
Maximum Acceleration 0.7 g (No Load)
Settling Time See graphs for typical performance
In-Position Stability(3) <2 nm
Maximum Force (Continuous) 100 N
Load Capacity(4) 3.0 kg
Moving Mass 1.8 kg
Stage Mass 3.1 kg
Material Aluminum Body/Black Hardcoat Finish/Black Anodize Finish
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) 30,000 Hours
  1. Certified with each stage.
  2. Measured perpendicular or parallel to wedge direction.
  3. In-Position Stability listing is 3 sigma value.
  4. Assumes loading along axis of travel.
  5. Specifications are per axis measured 25 mm above the tabletop. Performance of multi-axis systems is payload and workpoint dependent. Consult factory for multi-axis or non-standard applications.
  6. -PLUS requires the use of an Aerotech controller.

Electrical Specifications

Drive System Brushless Linear Servomotor
Feedback Noncontact Linear Encoder
Maximum Bus Voltage ±40 VDC
Limit Switches 5 V, Normally Closed
Home Switch Near Center

Recommended COntroller

Multi-Axis A3200 Npaq MXR
Ndrive ML-MXH
Ensemble Epaq MXH
Ensemble ML-MXH
Single Axis Soloist Soloist ML-MXH
  1. Linear amplifiers are required to achieve the listed specifications. Other options are available.

Note: To ensure the achievement and repeatability of specifications over an extended period of time, environmental temperature must be controlled to within 0.25°C/24 hours. If this is not possible, alternate products are available. Please consult Aerotech Sales Engineering for more information.

  • ANT130-5-V-Plus Step Plot
  • ANT130-5-V Performance Graphs


  • ANT130-5-V
  • Mounting Plate Dimensions

Ordering Information

ANT130-V Series Lift Stage

Option Description
ANT130-V/ANT130-V-PLUS Aerotech’s nanotranslation crossed-roller bearing vertical lift positioner

Linear Stage Travel

Option Description
ANT130-5-V 5 mm vertical travel lift stage with proprietary direct-drive motor technology, 1 Vpp sinusoidal output linear encoder and limits
ANT130-5-V-PLUS 5 mm vertical travel lift stage with proprietary direct-drive motor technology, 1 Vpp sinusoidal output linear encoder and limits (High Accuracy Version)

Output Cable Connectors

Option Description
-25DU Single 25-pin D connector (standard)
-4DU-25DU 4-pin HPD and 25-pin D connectors

Note: -25DU single 25-pin connector option not valid for systems using bus voltages greater than 80 V.


Option Description
-MP Breadboard mounting plate