CADFusion Graphical Process and Motion Development Tool


Design Features

  • Easily imports vector-based drawing files and produces Aerotech compatible motion programs
  • Automatic and manual shape re-ordering options allow for optimal tool and processing paths
  • Supports advanced Aerotech programming features such as Position Synchronized Output (PSO)
  • User-defined initialization, process control and tool activation sequences can be created to support multiple processes on the same part and multiple workstations in the same shop
  • No CAD? No Problem! Create your part geometry directly within CADFusion using the extensive collection of drawing tools

Click HERE to download a demo version of the CADFusion software.

Aerotech’s CADFusion software enables users to quickly and easily convert DXF/DWG drawings into “AeroBasic” motion programs that can be run on a number of Aerotech control systems. A fully featured editing environment allows users to modify existing drawing objects, add new objects to an imported CAD drawing or start from scratch and create an entirely new drawing from within the application.

Once the part geometry has been finalized, a simple one-step “optimization” process will collect all the drawing elements into objects, set-up travel direction around the perimeter of the objects and optimize the order of execution of all objects in the drawing. If desired, the user can further optimize the order of execution through a drag-and-drop operation or by simply clicking on the shapes in the drawing in the desired order of execution.

Complex parts that require multiple tool types and settings are easily accommodated within CADFusion. Process-specific settings such as tool control, speed and I/O sequences can be set on a project, group/layer or individual object level.

Advanced Aerotech programming features such as Position Synchronized Output (PSO) can be programmed from within the application through configuration dialogs with content that changes to reflect the hardware in the system.

A simple “Export” operation will generate an AeroBasic program that can be saved for later operation on an Aerotech Automation platform.