A3200 Digital Scope


Design Features

  • Collect and plot various signals including position, velocity and position error on multiple axes
  • View multiple overlapped one-dimensional and two dimensional plots
  • Graphically examine collected data using cursor and zooming tools
  • Execute motion commands while collecting data
  • Compute the discrete Fourier transform of any of the collected signals to identify system characteristics
  • Automatically tune the servo loop to achieve the desired system performance using the Autotune feature
  • Calculate and enable multiple digital filters to improve system performance
  • Perform loop transmissions on each axis that allow advanced analysis and optimization of servo-loop tuning and performance
  • Automatically tune an amplified sine encoder feedback device and view the results
  • Conditional plotting to configure plots collected in the Digital Scope to display data differently based on input from the controller
  • Data collected from an axis can be set to display as a different color, or not display at all, based on the state of the controller digital outputs and inputs
  • Data collected during run can be plotted and each line segment is linked to the program line generating the command
The Digital Scope is a system analysis and tuning application that allows the user to optimize system performance using a collection of advanced tuning tools and features. System analysis tools allow plotting and graphical analysis of system data, while tuning tools provide automatic calculation of servo loop and feedback device parameters.