Complex Motion. Simple Control.

The new Automation1 Motion Developer's Kit (MDK) is Aerotech’s newest and most advanced development tool for machine & motion control. This new environment builds on powerful tools from the A3200, Ensemble, and Soloist Motion Composer Suites - but makes them easier to use than ever. Even novice developers can deploy a leading-edge motion control solution.


Design Better MotionTrajectory Design Tools

Aerotech offers CADFusion and Motion Designer, two graphical development tools for designing motion trajectories. CADFusion specializes in 2D trajectories and includes tools for optimizing your motion path for machine throughput. With Motion Designer, motion trajectories are optimized for throughput by intelligently reducing tracking error. Motion Designer is the only software tool available that automatically analyzes any deviations and runs an iterative learning control algorithm to minimize them.


Custom Machine Interfaces

Develop a truly versatile, customized computer numerical control (CNC)-style human machine interface (HMI) with the A3200 CNC Operator Interface. Give operators the ability to load, run and/or edit a program file. Deploy customized machine functionality through a set of customizable software pushbuttons. Enjoy flexible jog controls. If your machine needs involve a higher level of customization, use Aerotech's programming libraries to create your own custom user interface.

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14 Results Per Page