Motion Control Software for Your Entire Team

A3200-Motion -Composer -Suite -Header -ImageAerotech offers three similar development environments for motion and machine control applications. The similarities allow your team to become very familiar with deploying solutions using Aerotech's industry leading motion control development tools. The differences allow your team to target solutions to the controller technology best suited for your application. The A3200 Motion Composer Suite, Ensemble Motion Composer Suite, and Soloist Motion Composer Suite all contain fully featured configuration, programming, debugging, optimization, and data visualization tools. The A3200 Motion Composer Suite deploys solutions to the A3200 Software-Based Machine Controller. This multi-axis controller is software-based, has many traditional CNC-style controller features, and runs on an industrial PC. The Ensemble Motion Composer Suite deploys solutions to the Ensemble Multi-Axis Drive-Based Motion Controller. This controller enables multi-axis motion control, runs directly on a servomotor drive, and communicate to up to 9 other drives. The Soloist Motion Composer Suite deploys solutions to the Soloist Single-Axis Drive-Based Motion Controller. This controller enables high-precision motion control, advanced controller features, and runs on a single-axis servomotor drive.

Motion Trajectory Design Tools

Trajectory Design ToolsThe A3200, Soloist, and Ensemble Motion Composer Suite development environments each allow users the ability to program real-time application code using the AeroBasic programming language. The AeroBasic is a powerful language for developing motion trajectories. It includes English-based motion commands, RS-274 G-Code commands, and several additional advanced motion trajectory commands. This feature-rich, easy to use language make the Motion Composer IDE a well-enjoyed development environment for motion trajectories. Aerotech also offers CADFusion and Motion Designer, two graphical motion trajectory development tools. CADFusion allows 2D motion trajectories to be created graphically. Either import a DXF or DWG drawing file or use the drawing canvas directly. Then sort and optimize your trajectory for the correct order of operations. Finally, output an AeroBasic program for the A3200 controller. Motion Designer allows single or multi-axis trajectories to be develop, tested and optimized using a powerful Iterative Learning Control (ILC) algorithm.

Customize Your HMI

CNC-OIDevelop a truly versatile, customized CNC-style HMI with the A3200 CNC Operator Interface. Give operators the ability to load, run and/or edit a program file. Deploy customized machine functionality through a set of customizable software pushbuttons. Enjoy flexible jog controls. The customizable CNC Operator Interface is designed to deploy to a touchscreen monitor. If your machine needs involve a higher level of customization, use Aerotech's programming libraries to create your own custom user interface. All Aerotech controller platforms include well documented APIs for .NET and C, and C++ programming. Additional libraries for LabVIEW and MATLAB are also available.

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