Engineering Development Software for Machine and Motion Control

Machine control panel with two monitorsThe A3200 Motion Composer Suite is a development environment for machine builders deploying solutions to an industrial PC-based control. The Ensemble Motion Composer Suite allows precision coordinated motion control to be implemented without an industrial PC. The Soloist Motion Composer Suite enables a high level precision and advanced controller features to be applied to single-axis applications. To learn more, go to our motion control platform overview page.

Trajectory Design Tools

Trajectory Design ToolsThe A3200, Soloist, and Ensemble Motion Composer Suite software packages each allow users the ability to program real-time application code using the AeroBasic programming language. The A3200 offers the added benefit of designing motion trajectories in RS-274 G-Code. Both AeroBasci and G-Code can be quickly generated using CADFusion. Other tools like Motion Designer and the Motion Composer IDE are offered each controller platform - the A3200, Ensemble, and the Soloist. The A3200 controller can also run G-Code programs created by 3rd-party CAD/CAM tool. G-Code commands directly integrate with the AeroBasic programming language, creating the most powerful motion control language commercially available. .

Operate Your Machine

Operate Your MachineGive your machine operator a truly versatile CNC-style HMI with the A3200 CNC Operator Interface. Access and edit a program. Customize software pushbuttons. Robust jog controls. Deploy to a touchscreen UI! Not enough? Create your own custom user interface. All Aerotech controller platforms include well documented APIs for .NET and C, and C++ programming. Additional libraries for LabVIEW and MATLAB are also available.

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