BLMUC Series Linear Motor


Design Features

  • Ultra-compact size for tight space constraints; 52.0 mm x 20.8 mm cross section
  • Continuous force to 58.0 N (13.0 lb); peak force to 231.8 N (52.1 lb)
  • Non-magnetic forcer provides high force with zero cogging for super-smooth velocity and position control
  • Ideal for pick-and-place machines where Z-axis space is limited
  • Follows the 2011/65/EU RoHS 2 Directive

The BLMUC linear motor is an ultra-compact “U-channel” motor measuring only 52.0 mm x 20.8 mm in cross section, designed to provide high force in an ultra-compact package. The BLMUC is ideally suited for small load applications with tight space constraints such as a pick head on a pick-and-place machine, and low-mass, high-acceleration material handling machines.

The motor consists of a noncontact forcer assembly with Hall-effect devices, thermal sensor, and “U-channel” magnet track. This design eliminates backlash, windup, wear and maintenance issues associated with ball screws, belts, and rack and pinions.

The forcer assembly is a compact, reinforced ceramic epoxy structure. The ironless design eliminates cogging and eddy-current losses that otherwise would limit speed and produce additional heat. To produce the highest rms force, air cooling is standard.

These linear motors are ideal for any application that requires high levels of positioning resolution and accuracy. BLMUC series linear motors are forgiving to align, easy to assemble, and keep the magnetic field well-contained. Magnet tracks are stackable for any travel length. They are also suited for cleanroom use as they produce no particulates.

The BLMUC can be driven using standard Aerotech brushless amplifiers and controllers to provide a complete integrated system.

Need help sizing your motor? Try Aerotech's Motor Sizer software to specify the ideal motor for your application.


BLMUC Series Specifications

Motor ModelUnitsBLMUC-79BLMUC-95BLMUC-111BLMUC-143
Performance Specifications(1,2)
Continuous Force 1.4 bar (20 psi)(3) N (lb) 31.4 (7.0) 40.5 (9.1) 46.9 (10.5) 58.0 (13.0)
Continuous Force,
No Forced Cooling(3)
N (lb) 18.3 (4.1) 23.0 (5.2) 30.6 (6.9) 39.8 (9.0)
Peak Force(4) N (lb) 125.4 (28.2) 161.9 (36.4) 187.6 (42.2) 231.8 (52.1)
Electrical Specifications(2)
Winding Designation   -A -A -A -A
BEMF Constant
(Line-Line, Max)
6.80 (0.17) 9.00 (0.23) 11.35 (0.29) 15.90 (0.40)
Continuous Current, 1.4 bar
(20 psi)(3)
Continuous Current,
No Forced Cooling(3)
Peak Current, Stall(4) Apk
Force Constant,
Sine Drive(5,6)
N/Apk (lb/Apk) 5.92 (1.33) 7.83 (1.76) 9.87 (2.22) 13.83 (3.11)
N/Arms (lb/Arms) 8.37 (1.88) 11.07 (2.49) 13.96 (3.14) 19.56 (4.40)
Motor Constant(3,5) N/√W (lb/√W) 2.89 (0.65) 3.35 (0.75) 3.78 (0.85) 4.53 (1.02)
Resistance, 25°C (Line-Line) Ω 4.0 5.2 6.5 8.9
Inductance (Line-Line) mH 0.51 0.70 0.87 1.10
Thermal Resistance 1.4 bar (20 psi) °C/W 0.85 0.69 0.65 0.61
Thermal Resistance,
No Forced Cooling
°C/W 2.48 2.12 1.52 1.29
Maximum Bus Voltage VDC 340
Mechanical Specifications
Air Flow (20 psi) m3/s
Coil Weight kg (lb) 0.10 (0.22) 0.12 (0.26) 0.14 (0.31) 0.20 (0.44)
Coil Length mm (in) 80.0 (3.15) 96.0 (3.78) 112.0 (4.41) 144.0 (5.61)
Heat Sink mm (in) 250x250x25 (10x10x1) 250x250x25 (10x10x1) 250x250x25 (10x10x1) 250x250x25 (10x10x1)
Magnet Track Weight kg/m (lb/ft) 3.33 (2.23)
Magnetic Pole Pitch mm (in) 16.00 (0.63) 16.00 (0.63) 16.00 (0.63) 16.00 (0.63)
Standards   2011/65/EU RoHS 2 Directive
  1. Performance is dependent upon heat sink configuration, system cooling conditions, and ambient temperature.
  2. All performance and electrical specifications ±10%.
  3. Values shown @ 100°C rise above a 25°C ambient temperature, with motor mounted to the specified aluminum heat sink.
  4. Peak force assumes correct rms current; consult Aerotech.
  5. Force constant and motor constant specified at stall.
  6. All Aerotech amplifiers are rated Apk; use force constant in N/Apk when sizing.
  7. Maximum winding temperature is 125°C.
  8. Ambient operating temperature range 0°C - 25°C. Consult Aerotech for performance in elevated ambient temperatures.


  • BLMUC Series

Ordering Information

BLMUC Brushless Linear Servomotor

Option Description
BLMUC-79 Linear motor forcer with thermistor
BLMUC-95 Linear motor forcer with thermistor
BLMUC-111 Linear motor forcer with thermistor
BLMUC-143 Linear motor forcer with thermistor

Winding Designation (Required)

Option Description
-A 76 cm (2.5 ft) flying leads (standard)

Air Cooling (Required)

Option Description
-NC No air cooling fitting is installed
-AC Includes air cooling fitting

Hall Effect Sensors (Required)

Option Description
-H Hall effect sensors included
-NH No hall effect sensors included

Preparation (Required)

Option Description
-S Standard preparation
-V Vacuum preparation to 10-6 Torr
-UHV Ultra-high vacuum preparation, contact factory

Cable Length (Required)

Option Description
-750 750 mm length high-flex cables
-5000 5.0 m length high-flex cables

Magnet Tracks (Optional)

Option Decription
MTUC96 “U” channel magnet track for use with BLMUC-series forcers, 96 mm long
MTUC128 “U” channel magnet track for use with BLMUC-series forcers, 128 mm long
MTUC160 “U” channel magnet track for use with BLMUC-series forcers, 160 mm long
MTUC192 “U” channel magnet track for use with BLMUC-series forcers, 192 mm long
MTUC224 “U” channel magnet track, for use with BLMUC-series forcers, 224 mm long
MTUC256 “U” channel magnet track for use with BLMUC-series forcers, 256 mm long
MTUC288 “U” channel magnet track for use with BLMUC-series forcers, 288 mm long
MTUC352 “U” channel magnet track for use with BLMUC-series forcers, 352 mm long
MTUC416 “U” channel magnet track for use with BLMUC-series forcers, 416 mm long
MTUCx “U” channel magnet track for use with BLMUC-series forcers, custom length
    Note: Magnet tracks are ordered as separate line items.


Aerotech offers both standard and custom integration services to help you get your system fully operational as quickly as possible. The following standard integration options are available for this system. Please consult Aerotech if you are unsure what level of integration is required, or if you desire custom integration support with your system.

Option Description
-TAS Integration - Test as system
Testing, integration, and documentation of a group of components as a complete system that will be used together (ex: drive, controller, and stage). This includes parameter file generation, system tuning, and documentation of the system configuration.
-TAC Integration - Test as components
Testing and integration of individual items as discrete components. This is typically used for spare parts, replacement parts, or items that will not be used or shipped together (ex: stage only). These components may or may not be part of a larger system.