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Automation1: Make Your Motion Easy

A new era in precision motion control begins with the Automation1 motion control platform from Aerotech.  Built on years of motion control experience, the Automation1 Intelligent Software-Based Machine Controller is the easiest, fastest and most precise motion controller available today.

Powerful Controller CapabilitiesPowerful -Controller -Capabilities

Aerotech controllers have many powerful built-in capabilities that help maximize performance and speed up development.

These tools include Infinite Field of View (IFOV) for servo stage and galvo scan-head combined motion; Position Synchronized Output, which triggers a process tool based on actual position; and many other advanced features. Learn more using our Motion Controller Selection Guide.

One Controller for All Motion

One Controller for All Motion

Aerotech is the only supplier offering motion controllers for every motion challenge, allowing flexibility and familiarity for developers. No matter what type of device - motor, stage, galvo scan head, hexapod, or piezo stage - your system calls for, Aerotech has a power solution for achieving great precision, quality, and throughput.

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System Integrators Wanted

Aerotech is seeking talented integrators that understand the benefits of our products and can turn these benefits into an advantage for their customers. Contact us to learn how.

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