LaserTurn 1 Laser Machining System


Design Features

  • High integration linear/rotary motion platform
  • Pneumatically-actuated collet closer supports 0.1 mm to 7.9 mm O.D. materials with frictionless rotary union
  • Clear aperture for product feed-through
  • Standard front and rear tooling platforms
  • Direct-drive linear and rotary motor technology
  • Configure for wet or dry cutting

The LaserTurn® 1 cylindrical laser machining system supports material from 0.1 mm to 7.9 mm in diameter, making it an ideal platform for the manufacture of cardiovascular and neural stents. The system can be configured for wet or dry cutting and includes options for material advance and bushing alignment platforms. The integrated linear-rotary system combines automated material handling functionality with high performance direct-drive linear and rotary motion.

Integral Tooling Platform

The LaserTurn 1 includes standard front and rear tooling platforms with M4 mounting features. The tooling platforms are bolted directly to the base of the linear stage providing a stiff, monolithic, common inertial frame of reference. Fixtures such as bushing alignment assemblies, part collection, or automated material advance functions can be attached easily.

Automated Material Handling

The LaserTurn 1 is a complete motion and material handling subsystem. The system includes an automated, pneumatically activated Type D collet closer. The collet closer has a clear aperture for product feed through and can support tubing diameters from 0.1 mm (0.0039 in) to 7.9 mm (0.3125 in) in dry cutting applications and up to 3 mm (0.118 in) when configured for wet cutting operation. The collet closer is designed to minimize axial tube motion during clamping operations by keeping the collet stationary and moving the tapered mating surface during collet open/close operation.

Direct-Drive Technology

The LaserTurn 1 series utilizes direct-drive noncontact motor and encoder technology for both the linear and rotary axes. Direct-drive motors exhibit significantly higher throughput and maintenance-free operation when compared to gear and screw-driven technology. Linear and rotary encoders coupled directly to the load have the highest level of system accuracy and repeatability over the operating lifetime of the stage.

Noncontacting Labyrinth Cover Design

The overlapping hard cover design protects the linear stage of the LaserTurn 1 from contact with fluids used in wet cutting processes. The sloped hard covers provide robust protection from fluid and machining byproduct ingress as well as incidental operator contact that may occur during part changeover.

Advanced Control Architecture

The LaserTurn 1 is available with Aerotech’s advanced A3200 control system. The A3200 is a 100% digital system with high performance FireWire® networked drives. With this fully digital architecture it is possible to optimize the current, velocity, and position servo loops for maximum performance. Advanced trajectory generation capabilities such as multi-block look-ahead minimize geometry errors in tight profiles by transparently regulating cutting speed. Aerotech’s Position Synchronized Laser Firing Output (PSO) functionality automatically adjusts the laser pulse frequency to match the current cutting speed to maintain optimal laser power coupling.

Normalized Parts Per Hour (With Equivalent Tolerance)

LaserTurn2and5Normalized Parts Per Hour

Part Accuracy Versus Cycle Time Comparison

When cutting speeds and cycle times are fixed by process variables, the VascuLathe and LaserTurn 1 can provide a 3X improvement in contour accuracy.

LaserTurn2and5Part Accuracy


LaserTurn 1 Specifications

Mechanical SpecificationsLinear AxisRotary Axis
Travel 100 mm ±360º continuous
Accuracy HALAR: ±0.5 μm
Standard: ±2 μm
±121 μrad (±25 arc sec)
Bidirectional Repeatability ±0.2 μm ±20 μrad (±4 arc sec)
Straightness ±1 μm N/A
Flatness ±1 μm N/A
Pitch 25 μrad (5 arc sec) N/A
Yaw 15 μrad (3 arc sec) N/A
Maximum Speed(1) 300 mm/s 1000 rpm
Tube Capacity N/A 7.9 mm (Dry Cut)
3.0 mm (Wet Cut)(2)
Maximum Force (Continous) 30.6 N/A
Maximum Torque (Continuous) N/A 0.48 N·m
Load Capacity(3) Axial 2 kg
Radial 0.5 kg
Moment 0.75 N·m
Moving Mass (Unloaded) 6 kg N/A
Rotor Inertia (Unloaded) N/A 0.0005 kg·m2
Stage Mass with Tooling Platforms 12 kg N/A
Collet Type(4) N/A Type D (Levin)
Collet Runout(5) N/A <30 μm
Minimum System Air Pressure(6) 100 psig
Material Hardcoated Aluminum Stage Body; Stainless Steel Collet Chuck
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) 10,000 Hours


  1. Maximum speed based on stage capability. Requires selection of appropriate amplifi er with suffi cient voltage and current.
  2. Maximum tube diameter is reduced to 6.7 mm for dry cutting with the -WCRU (wet cut) option.
  3. Maximum loads are mutually exclusive. Loading limits are due to the collet chuck mechanism. Contact Aerotech if part load requirements exceed specifications.
  4. Collect chuck accepts Type D collets (Levin Lathe and SonsTM).
  5. Measured TIR of precision gage pin chucked with an ultra-precision Type D collet 3 mm away from collet face at 80 psig applied air pressure and no load.
  6. Collet chuck mechanism is normally-open. Collet mechanism required air to open collet chuck. Air supply much be dry and oil-less OR 99.99% pure nitrogen. Air or nitrogen must be fi ltered to 1 microns particle size or better.

Electrical Specifications

Drive System Direct-drive servomotor
Feedback System Non-contact optical encoder, 1 Vpp Sinusoidal output
Maximum Bus Voltage 340 VDC

Recommended Controller

A3200 Npaq
Ndrive HLe
Ndrive HPe
Ndrive CP
  • LaserTurn 1 - Spec


  • LaserTurn 1
  • LaserTurn 1 (2)

Ordering Information

Ordering Example

LaserTurn 1-ACS -100 -NC -D-NO -DC -FMTP-G -RMTP -J0-8 -PNG -LT1-D-XXXX

Ordering Options

Series TravelLimitCollet OptionCutting OptionFront Tooling OptionsRear Tooling OptionGripper Jaws OptionPneumatic OptionsAccessories
LaserTurn 1-ACS -100 -NC -D-NO -DC
-RMTP -J0-8 -PNG

LaserTurn 1 Laser Machining System

Option Description
LaserTurn 1-ACS Direct-drive cylindrical laser machining system with integrated material handling and tooling platform


Option Description
-100 100 mm (3.93 in) linear axis travel

Limit Configuration

Option Description
-NC Normally-closed end of travel limit switches

Collet Configuration Option

Option Description
-D-NO Levin D-style normally-open collet chuck

Cutting Configuration Option

Option Description
-DC Dry cutting
-WCRU Wet cutting rotary union; also requires a wet-cut seal with O-ring size matched to a specific tube diameter

Front Tooling Options

Option Description
-FMTP Front metric tooling platform
-FMTP-G Front metric tooling platform with universal gripper
-FMTP-AG-RH Front metric tooling platform with right-handed alignment gripper
-FMTP-AG-LH Front metric tooling platform with left-handed alignment gripper

Rear Tooling Option

Option Description
-RMTP Rear metric tooling platform

Gripper Jaws Option

Option Description
-J0-8 Gripper jaws for 0 mm to 8 mm tube size

Pneumatics Options

Option Description
-PNG Solenoid valves and relays for gripper and collet chuck actuation
-PN Solenoid valves and relays for collet chuck actuation
-FD Filter drier assembly to ensure clean dry air to the collet chuck

Accessories (ordered as separate items)

Option Description
-LT1-SEAL-XXXX Wet cut seal sized for XXXX diameter tubing; consult Aerotech for the available sizes
-LT1-D-XXXX Levin D-style collets sized for XXXX diameter tubing (0.1 mm to 7.9 mm); consult Aerotech for the available sizes