Gimbals & Optical Mounts


Aerotech gimbals and optical mounts provide ultra-precise angular position, rate, and acceleration for development and production testing of a wide range of systems. They are ideal for directing optics, lasers, antennas, and sensors at high speed to very precise pointing angles. Typical gimbal and optical mount applications include missile seeker test and calibration, LIDAR, electro-optic sensor and FLIR testing, airborne target tracking, optical testing of space-based sensors in a vacuum, and angular testing of inertial sensors such as gyros, MEMS, accelerometers, and inertial reference units.

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  • Motorized Optical Mounts
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    AOM130M Gimbal

    The AOM130M series of gimbal mounts position optical components as large as 600 mm in diameter in both azimuth and elevation. The AOM130M mounts provide outstanding stability and sub-arc-second…  More >

  • AOM110 Manual Optical Mount
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    AOM110 Optical Mount

    The AOM110 series optical mounts have a gimbal design for a relatively low cost. The narrow profile of these optical mounts permits maximum clear aperture at 45°. The axes are decoupled and…  More >

  • AOM130 Manual Optical Mount
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    AOM130 Optical Mount

    AOM130 series optical mounts have been designed to position large, heavy optics up to 609.6 mm in diameter. These mounts are used in major fusion and high-powered laser research and development…  More >

4 Results Per Page