Smooth Velocity Control

Very low velocity error comes from high-precision air bearing surfaces along with state-of-the-art linear amplifers and controllers. Aerotech's expertise in electro-mechanical systems has led to the optimization of control, amplifier and brushless servo technology. This combination is ideal for X-ray diffraction and tomography experiments.

Aerotech's linear and rotary air bearing stages like the ABRT series are manufactured to the highest standards and offer the smoothest velocity control and best error motion possible.velocitygraph

Aerotech's brushless, slotless servomotors offer subnanometer in-position stability and provide a means to reject disturbances from external sources.

Linear amplifiers like the HLe series offer the best velocity control available by providing the ultimate in system stability and noise immunity.

  • Air bearings have excellent stiffness, error motion and stability characteristics
  • Brushless, slotless servo motors have excellent in-position stability and can reject disturbances
  • Linear amplifiers are noise-free and ultra-high performance