Single Source Solution

Aerotech's expertise in complete system solutions gives you a more complete reliable product and a single point of contact for all questions.

Incorporating electromechanical systems, advanced controls, software, electronics, safety, and data acquisition functions into a single platform makes setup and operation faster and easier. Your single point of contact for system design, production, and qualification will be a project engineer with experience in system design for diffraction and crystallography experiments. This makes the entire process easier.

Sophisticated, multi-axis systems are completely customized to suit user needs and specifications. Most systems incorporate linear, rotary, vertical, and tip-tilt motion with air bearings, mechanical bearings, ball-screw and direct-drive technologies. These are all integrated with a granite base and welded steel substructure.

Precision metrology operations like alignment, calibration, and sphere of confusion measurements are carried out on the complete, assembled goniometer system.

  • Full subsystems designed, manufactured and tested together as a unit
  • Controls and electronics are precisely matched to mechanical components for optimum performance
  • Aerotech systems incorporate safety, high-end data acquisition, and PLC functions all completely within the control platform
  • Custom electro-mechanical systems can be designed to exact specifications
  • Active or passive vibration isolation
  • Air bearing used for X axis to provide sub-micron flatness and ±1 arc second pitch, roll, and yaw
  • Unique direct-drive carrier stage supports theta slip-ring to preserve outstanding rotary performance
  • 3-point mount Z axes offer precision lift, tip, and tilt motion for entire assembly
  • Piezo staging accommodated by sophisticated slip-ring arrangement to allow 360 degree continuous travel in theta


Axis Name



X ±1 mm ±0.5 mm
Theta ±2 arc-sec ±0.5 arc-sec
Z ±1 mm ±0.5 mm