Guaranteed Performance and Reliability

Aerotech regularly performs precision metrology operations on stages, components and systems

We follow ISO as well as ANSI standards as part of our ISO-9001 certified production process to guarantee and document the results you need. Precision metrology operations support the kind of qualification needed for highly specialized systems in diffraction and tomography, and Aerotech's electromechanical systems ensure a long lifetime with little to no degradation in performance. With thousands of axes in industrial and laboratory environments and tens of thousands of hours of consistent performance, no solution is more reliable and proven.

Whether it is a simple one-dimensional calibration table or a sphere of confusion measurement, your project engineer will work with you to make sure everything works the way you need it to work.


  • Accuracy
  • Repeatability
  • Straightness
  • Flatness


  • Accuracy
  • Repeatability
  • Axial and radial error motion
  • Tilt error motion


  • Sphere/circle of confusion
  • Multi-axis precision alignments
  • Axes of rotation aligned to each other
  • Orthogonality


  • Velocity stability
  • Step size
  • Thousands of axes worldwide in industrial environments
  • Tens of thousands of hours of consistent, reliable performance





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Accuracy and repeatability are plotted along with environmental conditions for every axis.

Aerotech's production facility contains isolated and temperature controlled testing laboratories as well as an ISO Class 6 cleanroom. We have a wide variety of equipment available for testing including laser interferometers, capacitive probes, autocollimators, digital indicators, precision optics, and granite reference surfaces. Special testing can include 2D calibration and dynamic testing at specified accelerations and velocities.