Enhanced Performance

Minimize Step and Settle Times and Trigger Data Acquisition on the Fly with Built-in Functions and Graphical Tools

  • Dynamic controls toolbox enhances performance and reduces cycle times
  • PSO enables faster, more accurate data collection by triggering outputs in real time
  • Combined with some of the highest performing rotary air-bearing stages for diffraction and tomography experiments, there is no compromise between speed and quality of results

Iterative Learning Control reduces position errors over a sequence of cycles to improve performance at the PVT command level.

Aerotech's Motion Simulator and Dynamic Controls Toolbox include built-in functions for minimizing step and settle times and maximizing performance. These tools use both feedback and feedforward techniques to enhance performance and reduce cycle times at all process levels.

Triggering data acquisition on the fly is possible with the Position Synchronized Output (PSO) feature. PSO is easily programmed to generate output pulses (or sequences of pulses) based on realtime position feedback. Programmability and minimal latency make data acquisition faster and easier than ever before.