Custom Electromechanical Systems

Diffractometer Subsystems

Aerotech has extensive expertise in custom electromechanical systems and integration with advanced control systems.

Multi-axis motion including linear, rotary and angular components is the foundation for a high-end diffractometer system, and such a system will include advanced controls like PSO and Aerotech's Dynamic Controls Toolbox. These systems also undergo extensive testing and qualification through a variety of precision metrology operations including two-dimensional calibration and sphere of confusion measurement.

Flatness <1 µm
±1 arc second
Fine Positioning Piezo Stages Sophisticated slip-ring arrangement allows 360° continuous travel in theta
Three-point mount Z axes with kinematic mount offer precision lift, tip and tilt motion for entire assembly


Linear and Rotary Air-Bearing ABL8000 and ABRS-300MP
Repeatability ±1 µm
±1 arc-second
Step Size 1 µm
0.1 arc second

Crystallography and Tomography


ABRS-seriesABRS Series Air-Bearing Rotary Stages

  • Direct drive, slotless, brushless servomotor

  • Zero cogging motor for outstanding velocity stability

  • Outstanding error motion and wobble performance

  • Direct coupled, high-accuracy rotary encoder

  • Low profile, planar design

  • No mechanical contact





Step Size

X 100 mm ±1.0 micron ±0.5 micron 1.0 micron
Ydetector 200 mm ±3.0 micron ±1.0 micron 0.5 micron
2θ 320 degrees ±3.9 arc sec ±0.5 arc sec <0.1 arc sec
γ 10 degrees ±5.0 arc sec ±1.0 arc sec <0.1 arc sec
θ 320 degrees ±3.9 arc sec ±0.5 arc sec <0.1 arc sec
Υ 200 mm ±3.0 micron ±2.0 micron 1.0 micron
χ ±4 degrees 3.6 arc sec 3 arc sec <0.1 arc sec
Ø ±4 degrees 3.6 arc sec 3 arc sec <0.1 arc sec
Xsample 100 mm ±2.0 microns ±1.0 micron 0.5 microns
Zsample 100 mm ±2.0 microns ±1.0 micron 0.5 microns
Ysample 25 mm ±1.0 microns ±0.75 micron 0.53 microns

1. Rotary axes aligned to within 5 arc-second orthogonality.
2. Up to 50 kg sample/load mass capability.
3. 1.4 m beam work-height.

  • Precision arc-sec and micron-level alignments for the smallest possible sphere of confusion
  • Custom-engineered three-point vertical lift and tip-tilt solutions for hundreds of kilograms
  • Air-bearing linear and rotary axes for ultimate velocity stability
  • Software tools to compensate for base vibration and mechanical resonance
  • Highly coordinated multi-axis motion
  • Rotary axes aligned to with 5 arc-second orthogonality
  • Up to 50 kg sample / load mass capability
  • 1.4 m beam work-height


Goniometric cradles handle loads from a few grams up to hundreds of kilograms.

Direct-Drive Goniometers offer:
  • Noncontact, non-cogging, frictionless direct-drive for zero backlash or hysteresis
  • High speed (150 degrees/s)
  • High resolution (0.05 arc sec)
  • Excellent in-position stability
  • Large 20 degree rotation angle
  • Orthogonal mounting of two cradles provides rotation about the same point
  • No maintenance
  • Compact design

Gear-Drive Goniometers offer:

  • ±45 degrees of rotary positioning with unobstructed 360 degree view of customer load
  • Stackable design with common rotation point
  • Precision worm-gear drive for outstanding accuracy and repeatability
  • Direct encoder option
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting orientation
  • High load capacity
  • Load capacities up to 680 kg


Vacuum-Compatible Motors, Stages and Complete Motion Systems

Three vacuum level options:

  • Low vacuum option (10-3 torr)
  • Standard vacuum option (10-6 torr)
  • High vacuum option (10-8 torr)

Our wide range of standard products can be easily configured for vacuum applications by specialized techniques including:

- material selection
- surface preparation
- hardware venting and elimination of trapped volumes
- lubricant selection
- thermal management
- magnetic field control
- cleaning
- bakeout
- handling and packaging



Motion X,Z,Theta
Critical Specification Rotary step size is 0.1 arc second or better
Environment High Vacuum