Wafer Processing

Intraocular -Lenses -Large Aerotech can help improve the precision, throughput, and cleanliness of your semiconductor process

Pattern and inspect the next generation of semiconductor devices using precision motion control and advanced mechatronics from Aerotech.

Where We Can Help
Removal of Undesirable Positioning Errors   Customization to Meet Your Specific Process Needs   Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Advanced motion control features to help meet error budgets
  • Software utilities to unlock new levels of precision and throughput
  • Powerful hardware to improve system bandwidth and control
  • Purpose-built mechatronic systems designed by skilled motion engineers
  • Ability to scale from components to complete machine subassemblies
  • Outsource your motion control and focus on your core technologies
  • Precision machining, assembly, electronics, and wiring
  • Cleanroom assembly, vacuum preparation, and metrology capabilities

Why Work With Aerotech?

At Aerotech, our largest business market is semiconductor. We have been supplying some of the world’s largest semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers with innovative motion control technologies for decades. Our focus has always been on leading the industry in precision, clean, and reliable motion control technologies.

A3200-01 Advanced Controls Improve Positioning

We make our own motion controllers and drives. This allows us to tightly integrate features important to our customers. Since the semiconductor industry is a large portion of our business we spend a significant amount of engineering resources on wafer related processes. Examples include semiconductor process tool integration, advanced wafer positioning algorithms, and drive hardware to enable nanoscale processes.

Applications and Solutions

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