IC and Wafer Packaging

Intraocular -Lenses -Large Improve the speed and placement accuracy of your packaging process

Attach and bond parts faster and with tighter tolerances using precision motion control and advanced mechatronics from Aerotech.

Where We Can Help
Increase Your Machine’s Throughput   Engineered Motion to Achieve Your Requirements   Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Advanced motion control features improve system bandwidth and speed
  • Linear motors with the highest copper density for maximum force output
  • Innovative positioning algorithms to step and settle faster
  • Use our dedicated Systems Engineering team to design a motion system that achieves your requirements
  • Mechanical, electrical, and software functions to optimize the complete motion system
  • Allowing you to outsource your motion control and focus on your core technologies
  • Precision machining, assembly, electronics, and wiring
  • Cleanroom assembly and metrology capabilities

Why Work With Aerotech?

At Aerotech, our largest business market is semiconductor. We have been supplying some of the world’s largest semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers with innovative motion control technologies for decades. Our focus has always been on leading the industry in precision, clean, and reliable motion control technologies.

A3200-01 Advanced Controls Improve Throughput

We make our own motion controller and drives. This allows us to tightly integrate features important to our customers. Since the semiconductor industry is a large portion of our business we spend a significant amount of engineering resources on packaging processes. Areas where we provide expertise:

  • Servo control and system bandwidth enhancements
  • Step and settle time improvements
  • High resolution and fidelity force and velocity control
  • Improving Aerotech or third-party positioning mechanics
Routines -to -Enhance -Process -Control Algorithms and Features to Enhance Process Control

Our controller offers hundreds of advanced features to maximize the output of your process. Here are a few.

  • Force Control
    • Effortlessly switch between force and position control loops for high-resolution force control ideal for attach processes
  • Accuracy Calibration
    • Easily build calibration files for single axis or multi-axis configurations based on known errors in the system
  • Friction Compensation
    • Advanced algorithms to remove errors attributed to friction, allowing you to quickly step and settle to the smallest of distances
Heavy -Duty -Mechanics High Duty Cycle Motors and Mechanics

Utilize our linear-motor based equipment for a low-wear, high-speed packaging solution. Areas where we provide expertise:

  • Coggless, high force density linear motors for exceptional force output and smooth motion
    • Available in many sizes and form factors
    • Customization to fit your designs
  • Linear-motor based stages for high durability positioning
    • Cleanroom preparation for low particulate generation, even under high duty cycles
    • Decades of industrial processing with thousands of axes in use
Wafer -and -Substrate -Stages Wafer and Substrate Stages

Multi-axis stage assemblies configured for your process requirements.

  • Standard configurations and customized solutions available
    • Both come with consultative engineering assistance
  • Options available to meet precision, throughput, environmental, and cost targets
Packaging -Motion -Subsystems Packaging Motion Subsystems

Focus on your competencies while offloading motion subassemblies to us. Let our skilled engineering and production teams lighten the load on your engineering and manufacturing staffs. At Aerotech, we can scale with your needs. Areas of expertise:

  • Full service design, manufacturing, and metrology
  • Integration with motion control software and hardware
  • ESD protection and cleanroom preparations
  • Factory and site acceptance protocols


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