Electromechanical System Examples

Aerotech offers a wide range of off-the-shelf and customized motion systems geared toward precision sample and optics positioning. Mechanical sample manipulators and control systems can be ordered as individual components or as pre-configured systems that come ready to be added to the beamline. Also, guaranteed and tested performance ensures your motion specifications make their way into the hands of your beamline users.

Advanced Controls Improve Positioning

Advanced Controls Improve Positioning

  • Increase measurement throughput by reducing step and settle time or by triggering data while scanning
  • Coordinate stepper, servo, piezo, serial kinematic, and parallel kinematic systems from one common interface
  • EPICS and TANGO compatible
  • Synchronize sample position with measurement data using Aerotech's Position Synchronized Output feature

Sample Positioning For Crystallography

Sample Positioning for Crystallography

  • Precision positioning of samples in six degrees of freedom
  • Air-bearing rotary axis to minimize the sphere of confusion and keep the sample centered within the x-ray beam profile on the nano-scale
  • Advanced system design and calibration to minimize the error motions seen at the sample point allowing for more accurate imaging

Sample Positioning For Tomography )

Sample Positioning for Tomography

  • Vertical, tip, tilt, linear, and rotary axes provide a high degree of flexiblity
  • Integrated slip ring assembly for passing power and signals to fine adjustment stages

Detector Positioning For Tomography And Laminography

Detector Positioning for Tomography and Laminography

  • Accurate positioning of diffraction detectors in five degrees of freedom
  • Long travel (1.5 meters vertical) to arrange the detector as needed
  • Virtual pivot-point functionality for transformation of part coordinate space and easy positioning of detector relative to the sample

Monochromator Positioning

Monochromator Positioning

  • UHV positioning of diffraction crystals in three degrees of freedom
  • Designed and built for the highest in-position stability and minimum incremental motion
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Inspection Of XRay Mirrors

Inspection of X-Ray Mirrors

  • Air-bearing stages with minimal angular errors and up to 2 meters of travel to provide optimal platform for qualifying x-ray mirror characteristics

And Much More (2)

And much more...

  • Other standard and customized positioning systems utilized in beamlines acress the world

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