Laser micromachining can be loosely defined as the manufacturing of parts with geometries in the 100s of microns with geometric tolerances in the 1-10 micron range. Working with these small feature sizes does not necessarily imply correspondingly small net part size. Large parts composed of many small features such as stencils, can be considered for a micromachining process. Likewise, applications such as laser cutting of stents, resistor trimming, and 3D prototyping also fall into this category. Aerotech can provide a wide range of motion platforms with optimized control architectures capable of maintaining micron-level part geometries for parts ranging in size from 1-1000 mm.

Split-Axis Stage with Spindle Mount for Machining Silicon Optics


This split-axis stage system includes provisions for a high-speed spindle for machining silicon optics. Micron-sized features with minimum spacing are easily achievable along with superb straightness parallelism and excellent cutting velocity control.

PRO165LM mechanical bearing, direct-drive linear stages provide the precise horizontal motion. Aerotech’s A3200 software-based machine controller allows for simple integration and control of the spindle and other devices.

Compact 3-Axis Micromachining System


This 3-axis motion platform provides for accurate spatial location of parts for micromachining with a stationary spindle. The control system allows for CNC control of the stages for accurately manufactured parts.

Aerotech’s enhanced FiberAlign® FAe series was originally designed for high-performance photonics aligning systems. However, its noncontact direct-drive technology with anti-creep crossed-roller bearings that provide robust, accurate, high-speed, and high-resolution positioning proved perfect for mechanical and laser micromachining applications.