Laboratory Research

As scientists and researchers ourselves, we understand that cutting-edge research demands the best tools available to minimize uncertainty and maximize flexibility. As technology evolves, what was good enough yesterday won’t be sufficient tomorrow, and Aerotech has been innovating to stay ahead of the curve for more than 40 years. Aerotech offers a full product line of motion control and positioning equipment with industrial-grade products and large-quantity manufacturing capability, making the commercialization process easier. Almost any product can be specially prepared for 10-8 Torr vacuum or class 100 cleanroom environments.

Bose Einstein Condensate Experimentation



For Bose Einstein Condensate experimentation, the cooled atoms are sensitive to mechanical vibrations during transport. An air-bearing motion system provides the ultra-smooth motion and velocity stability required to prevent energy from being added to the atoms.

The foundation of the system is the fully preloaded ABL1500 air-bearing stage. The totally noncontact air-bearing linear motor and noncontact linear encoder eliminate the introduction of mechanical vibrations to the experiment.

The stage is powered by Aerotech’s U-channel BLMC series linear motor. The BLMC utilizes an ironless forcer with zero cogging and no attractive forces, resulting in unsurpassed smoothness of motion and very tight velocity control. A granite
plate with three-point mount is available for mounting the system to an optical table.

Aerotech’s Ensemble® and Soloist® are stand-alone digital servo controllers with integral power supply and amplifier and can be integrated with the air-bearing stage complete with all cables. Both controllers can be programmed/controlled via Ethernet or USB from a PC.