Key Industry Expertise

  • Solar Cell Manufacturing
  • Solar Cell Inspection
  • Panel Scribing

Let the Sun Shine

Extensive application experience and a broad array of motion products make Aerotech the perfect partner for your photovoltaic (solar cell) manufacturing or testing platform. Our worldwide operation has engineered and manufactured a multitude of motion platforms for solar cell manufacturing and inspection. These platforms range from small format systems for R&D to full-size production panel processing systems.

Comprehensive Solutions

The SolarScribe automation series is the most comprehensive photovoltaic panel scribing system available today. It includes both mechanical and air-bearing versions of split-axis and gantry-style systems for maximum application flexibility. All design elements of the SolarScribe have been optimized to provide maximum throughput while maintaining tight control of geometric characteristics like dynamic straightness. In addition, because each customer and solar technology application has its own set of requirements, Aerotech has designed the SolarScribe system to include a multitude of options like multi-head scan axes, Z and theta correction axes and machine base/isolation systems. As always, all configurations put Aerotech's proven core technologies and extensive manufacturing capability to work for you, providing outstanding performance and versatility.

Quality (Motion) Control

Aerotech's ISO 9001 certification means that all of our design and manufacturing processes are rigorously controlled for quality. We have invested heavily in the infrastructure and processes necessary to support production of cleanroom systems, including an ISO 14644-1 Class 6 (Federal Standard 209E Class 1000) with cell specific ISO Class 4 (Class 10) capabilities. In addition, Aerotech has the technical leadership necessary to make your project successful. This leadership includes an extensive research and development group that designs and develops all of the core motion components we manufacture.