Key Industry Expertise

  • Optical Inspection
  • Optical Fabrication
  • High-Precision Metrology
  • Electro-Optical Sensor Testing
  • FLIR Testing
  • Optical Testing of Sensors in Vacuum

Decades of Proven Results

Aerotech's extensive experience providing motion control and positioning systems for optics fabrication and positioning has given us the knowledge and expertise to provide unsurpassed quality and surface finish. From ultra-high accuracy multi-axis air-bearing stages to general-purpose linear and rotary tables, optical fabricators worldwide depend on Aerotech's precision systems for their most critical optics manufacturing, test and inspection applications. Our high-performance systems are designed for years of use with little or no maintenance for the absolute lowest cost of ownership.

Reduce Integration Time and Development Costs

Our linear and rotary air- and/or mechanical-bearing stages can be assembled into multi-axis systems for profiling and measuring component surfaces to sub-micron accuracy. Typical systems range from 25 mm to 1.5 meters of travel, and load capabilities of up to 455 kg (1000 lb) are not uncommon for our systems. We engineer, manufacture and test all of our components and systems in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which include a large, ISO 6 (class 1000) cleanroom as well as an environmental test capability. By providing a complete system solution, our customers' integration time and development costs are significantly reduced.

Aerotech Advantages Give You a Competitive Edge

Aerotech is confident that our depth of experience in the optics industry will translate into the highest possible system performance as well as the lowest cost of ownership. From rotary and linear stages, to goniometers, to gimbals, to our top-rated motion controls - Aerotech stands ready to provide your application with a competitive advantage.