Complete System Capability

Our linear and rotary air- and/or mechanical-bearing stages can be assembled into multi-axis systems for measuring component surfaces or positioning of payloads to sub-micron accuracy. Typical systems range from 25 mm travel to 1.5 meters of travel. Load capabilities of up to 455 kg (1000 lb) are not uncommon for our systems. We engineer, manufacture, and test all of our components and systems in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which include a large, ISO 6 (class 1000) cleanroom as well as an environmental test capability. By providing a complete system solution, our customers’ integration time, program risks, and development costs are significantly reduced.

Test Your Ideas in the Lab

High-Precision Rotary and Linear
Motion Components and Systems

Aerotech offers the most diverse line of direct-drive rotary and linear systems utilizing air or mechanical bearings:

• Rotary stages
• Linear stages
• Goniometric cradles
• Optical mounts and gimbal systems
• Single- and multi-axis motion simulators
• Single- and multi-axis rate tables
• Two-axis motion simulation

Many of these systems are offered with sub-arc-second and nanometer accuracy, and system bandwidths of up to 200 Hz.

Make Your Products in the Factory

Advanced Motion Simulators and
Electro-Optic Motion Systems

Aerotech produces many single-axis rotary systems, multi-axis motion simulators, and multi-axis gimbal systems for optical testing, gyro testing, inertial navigation testing and calibration, and target tracking.

Aerotech controls can synchronize up to 32 axes to handle the most complex NDT scanning systems, laser processing machines, or today's Ground Support Equipment applications.

Prove Your Equipment in the field

Precision Pointing Systems and
IP66-Rated Gimbals and Pedestals

Range tracking, electro-optical beam steering, and surveillance applications regularly use Aerotech rotary systems.

Many of our systems can be qualified for operation from
-20°C to 70°C.

Our direct-drive gimbals provide highly accurate pointing and tracking systems. Customers use our systems to field-qualify their sensors, lasers, and antenna systems.

Reach the Stars

Vacuum-Compatible Motion Systems
and Celestial and Satellite Tracking Mounts

Aerotech has provided thousands of axes for high vacuum (up to 10-7 torr) and cleanroom (up to ISO Class 1) environments.

Aerotech specializes in configuring our positioners with low outgassing materials to provide automation in space-rated environments.

Engineering Talent

Our talented and dedicated engineering staff has expertise in all core motion technology areas:

• Precision machine design
• Vibration and controls
• System modeling and characterization
• Magnetic circuit design
• Power electronics design
• Servo systems
• Software development

Our linear and rotary air- and mechanical-bearing stages can be assembled into multi-axis systems for payload positioning to sub-arc-second accuracy. Typical linear systems range in travel from 25 mm to 1.5 meters. Load capabilities of linear and rotary systems are up to 2200 lb (1000 kg). Our facilities include temperature testing capabilities and large system ISO 14644-1 Class 6 (Federal Standard 209E Class 1000) and cell specific ISO Class 5 (Class 100) cleanroom facilities.

Aerotech is committed to continuing the development of new motion technology and products to better serve the defense, aerospace, and national security markets.