Key Industry Expertise

  • Electro-Optical Systems
  • Laser Processing
  • Materials Testing
  • Target Tracking
  • Satellite Sensor Calibration
  • Scanning
  • Optical Pointing
  • Life-Cycle Testing
  • MEMS Testing

Over 40 Years of Motion Innovation

For over 45 years Aerotech has manufactured precision, high performance single- and multi-axis motion simulators, linear and rotary positioning systems and state-of-the-art controllers and drives for businesses and organizations requiring cutting-edge technologies and innovative systems. Our technology includes single- or multi-axis air bearing stages, mechanical bearing stages and advanced networked linear and PWM drive systems supported by a sophisticated software architecture. Designed for years of use, our high-performance systems require little or no maintenance and provide the lowest cost of ownership.

Standard or Custom - We've Got It

Our solutions for high-accuracy systems include many for vacuum (10-6 torr) and cleanroom environments. Aerotech equipment is used for testing electro-optical systems, laser processing, materials testing and manufacturing, target tracking, satellite sensor calibration and verification, scanning, optical pointing, repeatability, and life-cycle testing for quality control. While we use standard products when available, we can customize our products with minimal development time.

Single- or Multi-Axis Motion Simulators Tailored to Your Needs

Aerotech's single-axis motion simulators are ideal for testing MEMS, gyroscopes, accelerometers and inertial guidance components and systems. We produce multi-axis motion simulators for optical, gyro and MEMS testing, inertial navigation and target tracking. Aerotech motion systems perform high-accuracy angular positioning and scanning for characterization and test of multi-spectral sensors, inertial gyros, missile seekers and MEMS. Our gimbals are used for closed-loop target tracking with active and passive sensors, antennas and telescopes. Multi-axis systems are available for measuring component surfaces or positioning of payloads to sub-micron accuracy, with typical systems ranging from 25 mm to 1.5 meters of travel and load capabilities of up to 455 kg (1000 lb). By providing a complete system solution, our customers' integration time, program risks and development costs are significantly reduced.