Fiber Optics and Silicon Photonics

Key Industry Expertise

  • Fiber and Photonics Alignment
  • Silicon Photonics Assembly
  • Fibre Bragg Gratings
  • Fast Power Scanning
  • Virtual Pivot Point
  • Fast Alignment Routines

The Complete Package

Aerotechnanopositioners are perfect for the high-volume manufacture of fiber optics and silicon photonics components and systems. Our nano-level positioning systems utilize Aerotech's own brushless linear servomotors for the maximum performance in the most compact package. We manufacture many models of drives and motion controllers to provide a complete manufacturing package that is virtually maintenance-free and available for 24/7 operation. Aerotech nanopositioners feature the highest closed-loop resolution available with up to six axes of coordinated motion. With efficient automation in mind, our fiber optics equipment combines durability and the latest technology to create nanopositioners that fit seamlessly into manufacturing systems and endure nonstop use.

Uncompromising Precision

Aerotech's nanopositioning stages have extremely high accuracy and repeatability, with travels up to 160 mm. Each is capable of small step sizes (1 nm linear, 0.01 arc-second rotary) to align fibers with the highest level of precision. These stages combine high resolution and miniature step sizes with excellent in-position stability (<1 nm linear, 0.005 arc-sec rotary) and geometric performance (<10 arc-seconds of pitch, roll, and yaw) to hold parts in place while processing, allowing for nanometer-level alignments required for fiber and silicon photonics applications. Long travels coupled with high-speed capability (350 mm/s linear) allow parts to be loaded and unloaded without additional axes. ANT series and FiberMaxHP multi-axis aligning systems incorporate best-in-class drive and state-of-the-art axis control technology. Their modular design permits the selection of the number of axes, the distance to be travelled and the amount of payload, all at high-speed, resolution and accuracy.

Piezo Stages for Nano-Alignment

fiber_imageAerotech’s fast-growing line of Q-Series piezo stages are also compatible with our A3200’s alignment algorithms, allowing for rapid nano-level alignments in seconds. Aerotech’s A3200 controller seamlessly controls piezo stages and servo stages on a single platform, reducing integration and programming time for systems that utilize both types of motion. Aerotech is your one-stop-shop for photonics alignment motion control, whether it is servo motion or piezo motion.

Control is Key

Aerotech nano motion control systems are designed specifically for nanometer positioning over long travels. Each of the key controller technologies – linear amplifiers, high-precision multiplier feedback electronics, and dynamic trajectory management – is essential to achieving nanometer motion. While the technology used to make a one nanometer step is complex, the Aerotech software suite, including Motion Composer and Digital Scope, makes the system setup, debug, and commissioning easy. The A3200 is also capable of controlling both servo stages and piezo stages simultaneously with the same universal interface, and comes packaged with a variety of optical alignment algorithms optimized for fiber and silicon photonics alignment applications.