Research Systems

Aerotech provides the precision motion necessary for the advancement of additive manufacturing processes, and we’ve been at the forefront of high-precision motion control for over 40 years. Material extrusion processes are optimized by using Aerotech’s high-throughput gantries and component-level solutions, while printed electronics and dispensing applications benefit from advanced multi-degree of freedom control and mechanics. Powder bed fusion and laser sintering applications benefit from Aerotech’s high-accuracy galvanometers and motion controllers, which are coupled in a way to give the end-user more feedback than any other solution on the market. Whatever motion control your additive manufacturing application requires, Aerotech is the partner that can make your project a success.

Air-Bearing Gantry with Multiple Dispense Heads

Soft Materials Printing

This gantry system incorporates multiple dispense heads to increase throughput and allow more complex dispense patterns on a stationary substrate. The direct-drive, air-bearing design ensures extremely straight and repeatable features with excellent velocity stability.

It is comprised of Aerotech’s ABG10000 air-bearing gantry and ATS100 mechanical-bearing, ball-screw linear stages. The A3200 software-based machine controller and Npaq drive rack with linear servo amplifiers are used to control the system.

Split-Axis XYZ Dispense System

Wake Forest

This split-axis XYZ system allows movement of the substrate under the dispense heads mounted on the ball-screw Z-stage. The granite base combined with Aerotech’s high-precision, linear-motor stages provides an accurate, repeatable process at a moderate price point.

This system uses Aerotech’s PRO165LM mechanical-bearing, direct-drive linear stages for the horizontal axes and PRO165 mechanical-bearing, ball-screw linear stage for the vertical axis. Aerotech controls complete this multi-axis, coordinated motion system.

Economical Gantry with Z-Axis Dispensing


Those seeking a more economical entry-point to the additive manufacturing market would do well to consider Aerotech’s AGS1000 gantry system with vertical axis. The system is highly accurate, repeatable, and robust.

This system uses an AGS1000 gantry, ATS100 Z-axis ball-screw stage, and a ground aluminum baseplate for economical, yet powerful, additive manufacturing.