Custom Solutions

Since 1970, Aerotech has designed and manufactured custom-engineered motion control solutions for some of the world’s most unforgiving environments and mission-critical applications.

Aerotech’s commitment to advancing new products and pushing engineering limits confirms our “Dedicated to the Science of Motion” focus. We know the massive ROI, competitive advantage and long-term value generated by such motion insights and breakthroughs.

We welcome your inquiry. We await the next “can’t be done” challenge.

More About Custom Solutions:

  • Bring Your Machine to Life

    Your design is unique. Shouldn’t your control system be, too? Aerotech’s control systems are tailored for your machine, to your specifications. Let our Control Systems Group experts bring global experience to your machine.

    Please go HERE to see our mechanical wasp in action.

  • Adaptation: Rethinking existing stock

    Aerotech understands our customer’s need to modify the properties of an "off-the-shelf" component, sub-assembly or sub-system to meet a specific motion requirement or operational needs. As basic as a new mounting hole pattern and reinforced environmental encasements, or more nuanced adjustments to motor specs, power ratings or stage travel. Whatever the need, we strive to imagine and realize an exceptional custom system solution.

  • Optimization: Pinnacle thinking, lasting customer advantage

    Our multidisciplinary, mechatronic approach finds that within every system problem lies significant unrealized value — throughput, design enhancements, accuracy, quality or a combination of outcomes. Some of our most dramatic engineering successes have come only after a complete rethinking of the application. Aerotech’s integration of mechanics, electronics, control theory and computer science allows breakthrough improvements in product design, manufacturing, performance and, ultimately, lasting differentiation in the marketplace.

  • System Design: Precision motion solutions greater than sum of parts

    Leveraging decades of experience and working comfortably at the edges of motion science, Aerotech engineers routinely dream and design the future of precision motion in commercial, military and research applications. Our customers appreciate working alongside some of the world’s best minds, supported by state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities. Each step on the custom motion continuum — adaptation and optimization — leads to the creation of superior, fully integrated, multi-axis, turnkey custom systems.

Let our Dedication to the Science of Motion transform your business.